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Norrizan Bakers conducts baking and cooking classes for adults & children. We also supply baking needs and tools.
For those who have interest in flower decoration and other crafts work, classes are also scheduled from time to time. All my works are handmade by me including "hantaran" (wedding gifts for brides) and wedding favors.

Norrizan Bakers menyediakan perkhidmatan tempahan kek untuk sebarang majlis serta kelas memasak buat dewasa dan kanak-kanak. Kami juga membekalkan bahan-bahan dan peralatan membuat kek dan pastri.
Kelas gubahan bunga juga diadakan bagi yang berminat. Norrizan Bakers juga mengambil tempahan, untuk gubahan hantaran dan cenderahati perkahwinan.

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Cooking Class for 2009

Saturday (4/4/2009)
2.30 - 5.30 p.m.
Fees: RM60.00

Class: Steam Brownies (Brownies Kukus)
1) Rich Chocolate Brownies
2) Raindrop Cheese Brownies
3) Blueberry Cheese Brownies

Sunday (5/4/2009)
10a.m. - 4 p.m.
Fees: RM350.00

Class: Basic Fondant Making
1) Butter Cake
2) Sugee Cake
3) Fruit Cake
4) How to mix and roll Fondant
5) How to make Royal Icing
6) Crimping
7) Conelly Cake
8) Patchwork
9) Embossed work
10) Tablecloth technique
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